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Friday, May 1, 2009

MAD SCIENTIST : How to create unsafe toys - Lesson 1

Creating new toys often comes by mixing ideas between them freely. As an example, a toy plane is a toy plane and a spoon is a spoon, but if you stick a plane on a spoon, you get a "flying spoon" toy. Of course, to reach such results, we need to allow our brain to think outside of the box and avoid self-censorship in the first place because good ideas are not always obvious at first.

While everybody talks about the origin of the A-flu H1N1 virus spreading the world, I've been wondering : Could we have the same global spreading success if we could mix some innovations together to sell "pork toys" the same way mexican intensive farming units have been mixing pork/poultry/human flu virus in unsafe and unclean Gloria, Veracruz, Mexican farms .

Fact N°1 :
In Europe, a famous antique pork-based toy called "The laughing pork" was successfull for years. Therefore, pigs is a good way to go to make a popular toy.
The toy is now "public domain".

Fact N°2 :
Winny the Pooh's "Piglet" is famous pig character for chidren. Therefore, we would negotiate with Disney a licence for making a Piglet toy to make the toy even more popular.

Fact N°3 :
Glow in dark toys such as these "Glow in dark frisbees" are very popular with kids. The sales are good during Haloween and winter season (because it is darker during the day when children are awake).

Fact N°4 :
Sea Monkeys is famous in the US, because kids are "proud as god" to give life to a breed of shrimps. In Europe, we imported this breed under the name "Pifises" for one of our client last year as a children magazine promotion covermount, and the sales of their magazine tripled ! Therefore, kids like to "give life". Therefore, the toy should be "alive" like "pifise".

Fact N°5 :
Children love innovations in toys. Luckily, Taiwanese scientists have recently managed to grow a breed of glow in dark porks. True! We got our innovation to please kids.

Knowing that children love pets and that the mexican farming industry is able to sell pork with a H1N1 virus as "food", why couldn't we sell a Disney licenced "grow your own glow in dark Piglet animal" as a new toy to our children ?

Let's all become mad scientists !

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