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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MATTEL Mexico : Destruction of (some) dangerous toys

On November 6th 2007, MATTEL recalled 150.000 made in Mexico unsafe FISHER PRICE toys.

On November 28th, we can show you some photos showing the destruction of some toys, by the mexican waste management company ECOLTEC (, taken in their Apaxco plant.

Mattel didn't confirm how many toys have been destroyed.
Ecoltec should issue a destruction certificate showing the quantity but it will be handed directly to Mattel.

The face masks look great on the photos, eventhough they seem useless when facing this kind of plastic toys. I guess it is a safety regulation of the factory to always wear these masks.
MATTEL goal is to reassure people like my mother to bring her back to the MATTEL toys store shelves. Certainly, she will be very impressed by the masks in this toy destruction show !


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Jean-Philippe Cunniet said...

This news, announced on Nov.28th on this blog, has been confirmed today Nov 29th by the Associated Press.