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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MATTEL : Dangerous toys protected by a single bike padlock ?

In recent months, the factory workers from Foshan Lee Deer Toy Co., the chinese toy factory that produced the Mattel-Fisher Price first set of recalled toys in August, have been laid off after the factory owner comitted suicide leading to the closing of the factory.

If you walk in front of the factory gates this week, closed by a low-quality yellow bicycle padlock, you can see the Mattel-Fisher Price toys boxes stacked in the factory warehouse. This would mean that Mattel didn't recall these toys but left them where they were... with no specific surveillance !

From a legal standpoint, it might be that these toys don't belong to Mattel-Fisher Price yet since they haven't been delivered by Lee Deer... but will these toys stay in the factory, only to finished being sold under the counter in a local market or in a less regulated country than EU/USA ?

When your brandname is printed on a product, shouldn't the company directors get their hand on them to destroy or fix these toys ? Are they waiting that these toys disappear by magic one morning ? Would then Mattel claim that "we didn't own these toys, therefore they weren't part of the recall" ?


Jean-Philippe Cunniet said...

Source: WSJA (12/21)

FrancisGreen said...

People anywhere can check recall status of toys on their phones at, but of course first they have to know that there is a problem of toys being recalled.

Who knows where all these toys end up - it actually costs to destroy them securely.

Laura said...

curious to know if there was any follow up on this by mattel?