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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CSI : Planet Toys issues statement about asbestos accusations

On January 15 2008, Planet Toys issued a statement on their website, claiming the absence of asbestos in the CSI toys samples they tested. Despite different findings, it is very possible that a set of toys did truly include asbestos while the next set was correctly manufactured. So far, Planet Toys did not disclose the name of the supplier which prevents doing any serious investigation in China about what really happened.


Shortly before Thanksgiving a Seattle Washington newspaper published a story regarding a Consumer Awareness Organization the “Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization”-(ADAO) reporting their testing for asbestos and subsequent findings within selected products from several consumer products companies. Their random testing ranged from companies such as 3M, alleging asbestos content in some of their home improvement tape, to Planet Toys’ CSI Fingerprint kits, among others, which they further alleged, contained up to 7% asbestos in some of the powders.

Planet Toys, responded the next day contacting Paradigm Testing Laboratories in Rochester New York, per the suggestion of Bureau Veritas (BV), and conducted same day testing on 18 different samples of the fingerprint powder, all of which clearly stated “No Asbestos” detected. We then tested another 12 samples from the same lot that the ADAO tested-(Lot 100) claiming their findings of an asbestos content, here again Paradigm Labs confirmed “No Asbestos detected.”

Concurrently- with our testing above here in the U.S—Planet conducted a third test in China with a different laboratory once again stating “No Asbestos detected.” In the ensuing weeks leading up to this release, two prominent retailers, also conducted their own respective tests for the potential detection of asbestos and clearly stated “No Asbestos detected” in the testing of powders in Planet Toys’ CSI Fingerprint kits.

On Tuesday the 17th of December, Planet Toys flew to Oakland California to meet with the firm “Public Justice” who represents the ADAO. The purpose of this meeting was to disclose and share all testing methodologies respectively implemented via ADAO, and Planet Toys’ tests on the CSI Fingerprint kits. This meeting, albeit productive, still left a question mark as to how ADAO detected asbestos through one series of testing, while Planet Toys, and others having conducted nearly six independent tests for asbestos, all concluded “No Asbestos detected” in nearly 50 samples. As such, Planet Toys has issued a “stop sale” on all of our CSI Fingerprint kits until further information can be ascertained as to the discrepancy between our respective test findings.

On January the 8th we received findings again, from Paradigm Laboratories-after requesting further testing of more than a dozen samples from our CSI fingerprint kits be tested-to learn once again “No Asbestos Detected.” Planet Toys Voluntarily Issues a "Stop Sale" on CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit and Field Kit

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