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Sunday, January 6, 2008

LEGAL : No regulation against reselling recalled toys

No regulation... yet !

In the US, there is no federal law or regulation against reselling recalled toys - a loophole that some legislators are trying to close. Still, eBay, among others, has agreed to try to keep recalled products off the market.

Wal-Mart cash registers block selling recalled toys

Some recalled toys are still on shelves in the United States. A New York Times reporter found a Polly Pocket LimoScene toy on the shelves of a Wal-Mart in Chicago, but when she tried to buy it, the cash register blocked the purchase. She found the toys still on the shelves after three visits.

Wal-Mart says the cash register is a backup to make sure recalled toys are not sold.

Congratulations to Wal-Mart !

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