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Thursday, May 1, 2008


A new regulation that would force importers to inform their national authorities about the names & locations of the factories that produced the recalled products would truly help Chinese authorities, other importers & B2B chinese portals to clean up the mess. The unrespectfull factories should go out of business as soon as possible, to let us do our work properly with the respectfull ones !

We all need to have a proper blacklist of unrespectfull or dangerous factoriess.

The problem is that the official product recalls notices published by official governmental safety agencies (which are the only way to gather 100% of the recall information) should also include the names of the factories that produced the toys, in order to help B2B export products portals such as to exclude these factories from their website.

Of course, this would not include the subcontractors of these factories who may be the true cause of the problem, but aren't the main factories responsible for the subcontractors, and the trading companies for their suppliers.

In 2007, Aubrey Liu, who works in the Web operations department of Made-in-China, said in an email message (to the International Herald Tribune) that it was difficult for her department to pick out recalled products on her site because the Us Consumer Product Safety Commission does not include the names of manufacturers in recall notices.

This is an example of the US CPSC product recall for Fisher Price Toys :

Why don't we mention the factory names on the recall notices ?

Importers who Toy makers who get their products recall don't want to mention the factory names for various reasons :

1) They need time to investigate & solve the problem with the factory to understand the true cause of the problems. In a way, this also gives them the time to fake & organise an alternative story to tell to the media & clients. It's too late for an independant analysis of the situation in the factory.

2) They don't want additional the reporters to know, as it would draw even more media attention

3) They are afraid of the action groups such as China Labor Watch, a famous action group that already investigated factories that work for Disney, GAP or Wal-Mart.

4) The factories don't want the importers to make the information public, as they fear for their reputation and for a closure by the Chinese authorities. Since August, many factories have been shut down by the Chinese government bodies.

Still, this is exactly what needs to be done.

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