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Friday, November 16, 2007

GAP : Child labor accusations in India

Are 10 years old children Indian workers manufacturing GAP KIDS shirts in India ?

According to an undercover investigation from the british newspaper "The Observer" (Dated Oct. 28th) explains that one indian "GAP KIDS shirts" suppliers for the GAP brand employs children as young as 10 years old, in the suburbs of Shahpur Jat in New Delhi, India.

As usual, the company declared that they will investigate the fact that one of their various suppliers didn't follow their contractual code of conduct, and they might decide to ban this supplier who might soon reappear in the GAP's suppliers list under a new factory name in a new location... who checks that ?

Too many companies believe that the "conduct" of issuing so called "code of conducts" and pretending to be enforcing them is enough... No Mr GAP, this is not enough !
You need better advise on the methods to truly enforce it.

Your code of conduct might be written, it's not properly enforced.

Why did a reporter find children in your supplier's factory before you did ?

Is it an hoax ?


GAP October 28th statement :

Download GAP's Social Responsability Report :

GAP's code of conduct :

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