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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Toys recall : Where do the recalled toys go ?

Open question for comments :

What happen's with the recalled unsafe toys after the recall ?

Mattel, Spin Master & co. didn't mention anything about...
Do they distroy 100% of the toys or do they put them back in the market after fixing them ?

IF THEY FIX THE TOYS, can we trust that they can control the people fixing the toys better than they controled their factory ? Which toys would they fix ? How would they fix them ? Would it require resending the toys to China for fixing ?

IF THEY DESTROY THE TOYS, can we trust that destroying the toys doesn't lead to many toys disappearing... until they reappear somewhere, still unsafe, with a different packaging and branding. What proof do we have that the toys are effectively distroyed ? More importantly, what does toy companies do to get proofs that 100% of the toys to be distroyed are effectively distroyed ?

According to Xinhua News Agency, Xie Yuguang, board chairman of Lida Plastic Toys Co. Ltd, the supplier of Mattel's lead painted recalled toys, said he had a stock of nearly 50 million yuan (6.6 million U.S. dollars/4.5 million euros) overstocks toys (understand "in his factory" ?).
The company has now come to a full stop after the recall.
Apparently, Mattel hadn't paid for these toys yet. Therefore, they don't belong to Mattel, eventhough they bear the Mattel brand. They are unsafe. They are located in China. What happen's next ?

Due to the loss of the export licence by Lida, it seems to be very similar to the tchernobil nuclear plant issue. The russian scientists had a financial interest to resell nuclear material in the black market because they weren't paid anymore.

Who/What prevents Lida executives or laid off workers to get some of these toys and resell them on the black market ?

What prevents the company to repackage the toys under a new brand to sell them anywhere but in the U.S. or Europe ?

After failing in the production control process, is Mattel failing in the recall process ?


What do you think happens ?

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