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Friday, December 28, 2007


According to the US Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation, the "Ja-Ru" and "Art Skills" clay brands would contain deadly asbestos (tremolite). The association will send out more detailled tests results shortly.

JA-RU Brand
The clay branded "Ja-Ru" is made in China. The importer, Ja-Ru Inc., is based in Jacksonville, Florida (USA). The company does not have a website.

The clay branded "Art Skills" is made in Thailand. This brand is sold in the US by Walgreens, among others.

On December 29, I emailed the maker of the Art Skills brand to ask the following question, still unanswered : "The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation claims that your clay products might contain asbestos. What is your view about it ? Why don't you mention it on your website so far ? Do you plan a product recall ? I would be glad to correct the information on my blag about your products if it is justified."


JA-RU Inc. 4030 Phillips Hwy # 6835 Jacksonville, 32207 FL, USA - Tel : (904) 733-9311

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