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Sunday, December 30, 2007

MATTEL : A lot of wandering around...

According to some ex-Mattel employees, the company would currently be retesting and examing which products are actually tainted and which ones are not.

Our source said:

"They (Mattel) have started putting stickers on the products that they find which are not tainted and selling them through thier regular channels. For the products that are tainted, they have to find a suitable means of disposing of them and a suitable location."

"The Environmental Protection Agency requires companies to test their returned products for an aggregate level of lead to determine a disposal plan. This process is taking them some time, hence only the 375,000 that have so far been disposed of."

"And it's not only the finished product that Mattel have to deal with, they also have the tainted materials that need to be disposed of. Mattel are also trying re-cycle some of thier products into park benches and the like."

"Then, (they must) consider the amount of products in the consumers hands that will not be returned for one reason or another, that will be a large sum, maybe as high as 80%, that Mattel can not destroy. They may be holding some of these products as they go through litigation to. It is very compliated with many variables."

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