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Sunday, December 30, 2007

TACO BELL : Have the tacklers been tackled ?

Did the magic of Christmas stroked in Taco Bell or is there some recalled toys news behind the fact that Taco Bell is currently advertising (on the "Touchdown Tacklers" while they are not available in the stores ? Indeed, the made in China plastic toys seem (to me) to have been replaced by a "build your own cardboard car" similar to the photo above.

Let's make some suppositions here... nothing is confirmed, I'm just trying to guess:

As a toy professional, I'm suspiscious that it might be a reaction from Taco Bell to the fact that the plastic "Tacklers" toys are not safe and have been stopped before being distributed to the stores.

When this kind of things happen, the buyers have the obligation to have a substitute. If they don't have a few millions toys waiting in their warehouse (which is rarely the case), they have to make a new toy in the small amount of time they might have left. In such a case, the timing can be so short that no Chinese factory can produce replacement goods and no sea vessel can travel so fast that it would arrive on time, leaving the only option left to the buyers : Calling a all american factory to make new goods for them on time, at the same as the Chinese price which often leads to considering buying a printed paper product that will not require manual labour... such as the cardboard cars !

But, hey !... it's only a Christmas guess.

If you see the "tacklers" coming out, please inform me by email at promopub(AT)

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