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Thursday, January 10, 2008

FUTURE : Will kids ask for glow-in-dark pets for Christmas 2027 ?

Will kids ask for glow-in-dark kitten for Christmas 2027 ?

My daughters, Elise and Lucile, have asks for 2 gifts this christmas 2007 : A small kitten and a Luke Skywalker-like glow in dark Star Wars sword. They said "come on dad, please say yes, this would be our perfect gift for christmas 2007".

As a toy designer, reading the newswires feed announcing that Chinese scientists have managed to pass "glow in dark" genes from a fluorescent sow onto 3 piglets, it makes me wonder what my grand-daughters will ask me for their christmas 2027 !

To design innovative toys, wether they are designed as covermount gifts for children magazines , as a premium in a pack of Kellogg's cereals, or as a promotional giveaway, toy designers always watch carefully the breakthrough in science and technology to see how to adapt them as quickly as possible to their universe : the toys industry.

This time, I hope nobody will notice it could make a kid's "perfect gift" for Christmas 2027 !

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