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Thursday, January 10, 2008

MATTEL : We will "recycle" toys

Mattel mentioned that it planned to recycle as many components of its returned toys as possible, including selling or reusing zinc and some of the resins used to make the toys.

Lisa Marie Bongiovanni, Mattel's vice president for corporate communications said in a discreet statement, “We quarantine them, we do not release them, we do not export them, we do not ship them out of the country.

She added “It depends on why the toy was recalled. Sometimes, we destroy the toy completely. Other times, we are able to recycle certain parts, and other times there is a 'fix' to the toy, the same fix that we would send to consumers."

In January 2008, all mention of the recall & safety information had vanished from the homepage of, as if it was a matter of the past.

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FrancisGreen said...

You can still get the recall info from Mattel